Shampoo and conditioner✨

What:  Here in Melbourne, Winter has well and truly hit and I’m finding my clients are wanting their hair to look healthier and a bit more ‘polished’ looking – compared to the tousled, sea-salty textures that we saw so much of summer. Over the past couple of weeks I started using these 2 prods on all of my colour clients and I’ve been really loving the results, so I felt like it deserved a write-up!

How: I’ve used it on all hair types, and noticed it’s not too heavy for finer hair types, and great on coarse and frizzy strands. I’m finding the finished result is ridiculously lush but not weighed down like you’d expect from shine enhancing prods like serums and oils can be. I was still able to get really good movement and volume through the hair when I blowdried and styled.

Who: I’d recommend them to anyone feeling like their hair is dull and flat-looking, anyone with coloured hair, or hair that’s a bit damaged- because I feel like it makes the hair reflect the light and look!

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I’m loving it because .. I haven’t had to sacrifice body and movement in my styling in return for mega shine!!

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Hair types.. All (but keep the conditioner away from the roots of fine hair, as always!)

Where from.. Oribe exclusive salons only (email for info on how we can send it out to you if you don’t live near a stockist💕)

Winter Colour & Cut Trends

Happy 1st Day of Winter!
What way to embrace the cooler months than with a fresh sassy hair style!
This winter is all about warm tones & textured cuts! Read on and embrace some of this Winters fun hair trends…

Textured Fringe.
This winter you will see a comeback of the lived in, grown out fringe, that is super textured. I love the versatility of these fringes, you can wear them slightly parted on the centre, pushed to either side or forward. A bonus, the more textured the easier it is to grow out when you’re ready for a change!


Leave your length at the collar bone.
In the salon, we’re seeing a lot of chops to the collar bone. Most people are opting for just past the collar bone to give the appearance of a “Short Long Cut” rather than a “Long Short Cut”. It’s a great length because you still have the ability to throw it up in a top knot, and when left down it looks more like a sassy style cut.

Shaggy 70’s Texture with a modern twist
A lot of people lately are wanting a more natural, tousled finish to their hair without the solid freshly cut look. Haircuts have evolved to assist with this “undone” style. We’re seeing a lot of chops with a straight base line to create structure & lots of soft texture through the interior of the hair cut to sexy it up a little. This doesn’t mean the hair is layered as such, it just has lots of texture & movement to step away from the heavy blunt finish.


Multiple Technique Colours.
To create more personalised, detailed colours for our clients, we’re doing more than one colouring technique on each head of hair. Mostly, we have been combining Freehand Balayage, Highlights, Babylights & Multiple Toners to create a more natural blended colour result. This applies to all heads of hair, weather Blonde or Brunette. By layering techniques we can really create an individual colour for each client!

Multi tonal blonde.
To create depth to a bright summer blonde for winter, most of our blonde clients are maintaining their bright creamy tone, but are adding a slightly darker warm blonde low light with a deeper root. By doing this, it is a great way to keep the blonde in balance & not necessarily go “darker” for the winter months. It is important to not be scared of “warm” tones in your hair… Ask your colourist for “Controlled Warmth”… It is the way forward!


Warm “Natural Light” hair colour.
Because the way we colour hair has evolved so much in the last few years, we can add the smallest amount of soft colour in the right places to enhance natural hair tones. This winter we will be seeing a lot less colour in the hair, with hair that appears “naturally lightened” with a controlled warm tone. The warmth will help to enhance dull skin tones that are lacking that summer glow.


For a little bit of fun & brightness, we will notice a lot of people adding some fun artificial warm/pastel tones to their brighter blonde hair. The tones that will be around most are Pinks, Violet Hues, Rose Gold & Peach. This is a fun way to play around with your hair colour through the darker gloomier months without having to go too far away from your bright blonde.


I’m looking forward to welcoming Winter with some of these looks myself!

Love, Kirby x


This style is super easy and could work on anyone with below-shoulder length to long hair, of any texture. Try it out with a sleek blowdry or a messy texture like I have here.

To get the texture, I had washed my hair the day before, applied The Foundation styling creme by Mr Smith while it was damp and let it dry naturally (I actually let it dry over night, to get that really ‘lived-in’ feel to the hair) but you could use any kind of volumising/texturising product that’s going to enhance the natural texture.

It’s a different take on a low pony/bun and could be worn for school, work or weekend.

Hope you like it!

Lauren X


Going away on a business or work trip is entiiiiiiirely different ballgame! You’ll be wanting to be able to present in a more professional and polished way, but without packing your entire bathroom cupboard along for the ride.
So, this is where a bit of preparation will go a long way. Any one out there with frizzy, flyaway, untameable hair will benefit from getting a keratin smoothing treatment before they jet off -the results are so good, you’re going to thank me later. An investment, but It’ll save you so much time and stress and you’ll look polished and presentable 24/sev.
(nb: I’m consistently seeing great results with the Bhave Straightening System, and from what I hear it has a really good price point, TICK)

..If this really isn’t an option and you’re not great at getting your hair to look polished on your own, I’d recommend getting a really good blowdry (smooth and a bit of body travels pretty well I find) and have on hand the details of a local blowdry bar for when you land if you need a refresh.

Your kit should look like this:

*Your own shampoo and conditioner – you’re already going to be dealing with different climate and water type, your hair will appreciate having its usual suspects
*A small styler for touching up your blowdry (you can even get travel size/mini versions now, so if work travel will be on the reg it might be worthwhile looking in to)
*A dry shampoo – choose one that’s light and doesn’t leave a residue. Great idea if you like to excercise while you’re away, you can spray your hair line and parting after a sweat sesh – I love Death Valley by R+Co

*Bobby Pins and hair tie for if all else fails and you need to whip up a mean ponytail on the go

3 last minute tips and tricks:

•Pour your must-have prods into travel-size bottles where you can, and always squeeze some air out of a bottle before screwing the lid on (if flying) and double bag!! Don’t be devo at the other end, trust me, I use a pink shampoo and I’ve learnt the lesson!

•If you read my ‘no hairdryer’ and laughed out loud, choose one that packs well like the new parlux or twin turbo which are super light and compact.

•Before flying, gently twist your hair up into a high knot/bun and pin in place with pins rather than a hair tie. You’ve got more chance at having some volume and body in your hair at the other end, and it should survive a sleep mask and window pillow situation fairly successfully.
Safe travels,

Lauren X


•Start with dry, naturally textured or waved hair

•use your hands to make a ponytail on top of your head, tie it off with a smal elastic

•seperate the ponytail into 2 sections, and fishtail away!

•use your hands to pull apart the plaits, giving them more texture and fullness.

•wrap both plaits around eachother and twist until it creates a bun.

•use bobbypins to keep it in place. Voila!!



Blondes: Why you should transition from Foils to Balayage!

Gone are the days of having a “Half Head of Highlights” being one of your only blonde options on offer!
The way that we colour hair is evolving in the best way for us hairdressers and for you as a client. New techniques are allowing our regulars to leave around 12 weeks between colour appointments, which is amazing for your hair & your wallet! So if you’re one of those 6-8 week clients wondering how that gap between visits is possible, here is a way for you to make your blonde go from Solid Regrowth lines, to a natural bright Balayage!

Letting your natural shine!

Allowing your natural hair colour to come through is the most important part! It doesn’t mean you have to have a big dark regrowth, you should have the blend from your natural hair into lightness be a soft melt of colour. The blend can be created by doing a combination of Stretched Foils (foils that are anywhere from 1cm away from the scalp), Freehand Balayage, Baby Lights & a Shadow Toner to blend your roots into the lightness.


Shadows in the right places!
Having shadows or darker tones incorporated into your hair colour doesn’t mean losing you blonde locks & going for a darker look.
Hair colour is all about having the light & dark tones in the right places. The shadows of darkness will help to make your hair appear fuller, make your lighter pieces more of a statement and give you a softer blended natural finish.

Brighter around the face!
Naturally, when hair lightens in the sun, it always goes lighter around the face. So when you’re getting your hair coloured in the salon, it’s important to ask to have it a little blonder around the face. It gives you a more natural and over all lighter finish while still having that darker tone on the roots to maintain the depth.

Keeping the ends Light & Bright!
The key to being the best blonde you can be, is to keep the ends of your hair light & bright! Don’t allow the tone to go brassy as your blonde ages. Ask your colourist every now and then to do a gentle cleanse on your ends of your hair to take out any discolouration. Also, there are some great blonde toning conditioners out there to help keep your colour clean between salon visits, so get on board!

How much healthier is your hair!
The less you’re in the salon getting your hair coloured, the better the quality of your hair in the long run! Tempe quality of your hair should never be compromised for a colour, so if you hair is feeling a little over coloured & stressed, take the leap to the more natural way of colouring!

Love, Kirby X




Packing to travel is one thing; packing a hair-kit for travel is definitely another. Believe me when I say there’s nothing more annoying than over packing- lugging around numerous hot tools that you don’t end up using, too many products that risk spilling through your Camilla kaftans and Zimmerman playsuits. Then there’s travelling for fun and travelling for work, and hair-wise you’re gonna need a whole different arsenal of gear! So, through my own trials and tribulations, hopefully I can shed a little light on what is a must and what you can ditch, in order to make your trip go as smooth as your hair after a quick lick of a cloudnine styler 😉


Tully Lou has the beachiest mane in the biz! We were in Greece together in 2015 where I got to braid her hair erryday 💕


Braids slicked with treatment are an epic way to look after your hair on holidays while still looking beautiful 💕

HOLIDAYS  (Read: beachy, sightseeing, exploring etc)

This is your chance to fully immerse yourself in the culture and to take advantage of your climate. Going tropical?Hair masks will be your bestie, slick your hair with some oil or cream-based goodness and alternate between chic low pony’s and knots, braids or plaits and after a day in the sun you can rinse it out and admire your fresh soft locks.
This is especially awesome for gals who get stressed out by frizz, flyaways, the devil-horn look. Plus you look so glam and smug, knowing your hair is gonna be so fab from the extra tlc you’re giving it.
Your absolute must haves to pack are going to be:
* a mask – great ones are Hello Hair (all natural, oil based. Delish) Christophe Robin Prickly Pear (pure luxury, better for gals with thick, coarse hair) finer haired gals could take a lighter option like Bamboo Thermal Protectant spray, just spray it in liberally and comb it through.
*Your own shampoo in a small travel size bottle (on behalf of all of the hairdressers out there, the hotel 2in1 is never ok, ever).. I try and take as little as I have to away with me and just stretch out my washing days as much as I can! Lazy? I hear you say- I like to think I’m doing my hair a favour. You’re on holidays after all!
*at least one good quality Hair tie – I love the No-Mark stretchy plastic kind, available pretty much everywhere now. I swear they do a better topknot! But also kinder to wet hair.
*A stack of bobby pins (to scatter around the hotel room so that it feels like home, and to keep your treatmenty hair away from your face)
*ONE heated tool (optional, always optional!) My first preference here is a cloud 9 styler, simply for versatility because if you are going to style your hair you can pretty much achieve any type of straight, wave, or texture that you would want to. Even if it is just to tidy up the front hairline, because believe me there are way more fun things to do on holidays than to be waving your hair in your humid hotel room and getting flustered when the two sides aren’t matching, amiright?!
*An anti-humidity spray– essential in a tropical climate- I love the one by Oribe, Anti-permeable (it’s legit the bomb on ALL hair types, and could potentially double as a lightweight hairspray)
*A good wide tooth comb or detango
* some serum for taming (transfer into a small travel bottle)- a life saver for ends that dry out and frizz in the heat – Oz brand Mr Smith released a serum last year and the texture is non greasy and so silky- not too heavy even on fine baby hairs, and still great on coarse thick ones to
* you’re going to need a texturising product – for when you’ve washed out your treatment but you want beachbabe insta-worthy hair in time for cocktail hour. Your choice here, but go for one that you can spray-scrunch-and-go, with a hold factor depending on your desired texture and hair type. Great ones (in order of gentle to strong) are Prep by Oribe, Mister Fantastic by Evo and Rockway by RandCo. All are pump bottles so easy to travel with, can be used on wet or dry hair and smell so freshhhh


NOTE: If you’re headed somewhere with a cooler climate than your locks are used to, keep in mind the temperature changes going from inside heating to outside temps can tend to dry your hair out so you’re going to need to take the same type of  hydrating prods along here too. This is your chance to make the most of it and accessorise with warm hats, scarves and cute beanies, so make the most of it by giving your hair a rest by skipping the heat-styling on those days.
What to leave behind:
Hairdryer – you didn’t hear it from me but those low-watt hotel hair dryers actually help make the best natural beach waves- it’s almost like the effect of using a diffuser- leave your own at home and give it a go.

Round Brush if youre desperate to take a brush, a paddle brush is way more versatile than a roundy, they’re  great to chuck in your bag during the day, and they cut down drying/smoothing time because you can take bigger sections.

Hair sprays -minimise your aerosols by finding an anti humidity spray that acts like a hairspray too, genius!

Curling wands – in my opinion, traveling with a curling iron is a bit of a waste of space, they just don’t multi task enough

Conditioner– you’ll be taking your mask instead, which you’ll get more bang for buck anyway!

…coming up next I’ll bring you how to pack your hair kit like a bawse on a business trip, stay tuned!

Lauren X


Looking for ways to up your Hair Game?!

This look is perfect for you medium to long hair gals. It can be achieved with no heated tools, so is perfect for those of you wanting to minimise damage. It’s a great holiday hair style that you can roll out from the Beach to the Bar!

Start with Natural, Dry, Textured Hair.
Divide into 2 sections.
Roughly Fishtail each section, the rougher the better!

Tie off with small clear hair elastics, and then pull the braids apart with your hands to give it volume and texture.
Cross the fishtails over at the back & wrap around the head into a halo, pop a couple pins in to secure where needed.
Stand back, admire your handy work & take a selfie!


OLAPLEX: What you NEED to know!

“What even is Olaplex?!”… A question we hear from our clients DAILYYYYY! It has changed the way we approach hair colour on every level, and it will open your mind up to a world of hair possibilities!
It can get pretty “hair sciencey” for even us Hair Scientists, so here is what you need to know in the most normal of language…

What does it actually do?!
When we colour hair, the colouring process pulls apart the inside structure of your hair (basically, inside each strand are all these little balls, and colouring your hair separates the balls), which is what weakens your hair & causes the damage. So, the way Olaplex works within the colour mix, is that it holds all your “hair balls” together. Which means no damage is actually done by colouring your hair at all! Amazing Huh!?
How does it work?
Olaplex is a 3 step process!
Step 1: we mix Olaplex into your hair colour, whatever that may be! It protects your hair through the colour process!
Step 2: a treatment at the basin to seal the deal of stage one & give your hair some extra love (gives you more “hair balls” and strengthens all your existing “hair balls”).
Step 3: a take home treatment for you to use at home on the reg (weekly or fortnightly will get you a gold star!) & will help increase your strong “hair ball” count! You should sleep with this in, and then you will need to shampoo & condition to take it out in the morning.

Do I need it?
This is the GOD FATHER of hair products! If your hair dresser doesn’t have it, or offer it, when something so amazing is available to the world of hair, go and find someone who will bath you in the shizz if you want it!!
Regardless of whether you’re Blonde, Brunette or a Balayage with a little of both… Olaplex is definitely for you. I would recommend all my colour clients get on the Olaplex train, the health of your hair should never be compromised if you can avoid it!

What about other “Plex” Systems?
Olaplex is the one and the only! Do not enter into a relationship with any of the fake a$$ “Plex’s” that will promise you the world, then run off into the sunset with your sad damaged hair, never to be seen again! Olaplex was designed & patented by some very smart Hair Scientists in the USA , their formula is protected and no other system will actually work… ever…. period!

What differences have you noticed?
Over the last 12 months+ that I have been using Olaplex, I have noticed such a difference in the health & strength of my clients hair… Especially all those fine hair gals out there! Fine hair can be tangly & weak, but over a period of time, Olaplex reduces the tangles so much and toughens up each strand so much, it won’t take any crap from anybody!
With all hair types, the hair seems to dry so much more controlled! The old, sad, frizzy, dry ends are gone… Which means an easier to manage mane!
I have also noticed a difference in SHINE! Which is normally achieved through styling products. The shine you get from Olaplex is awesome!

Anything else I need to know?
The only other piece of information that might be of importance to our clients is, that Olapex can slow the colour process down! So when you’re going to get your hair coloured with your new life changing Olaplex additive, be aware you might have to sit with the colour in your hair for a little longer…. But the extra wait is definitely worth it!

Love, Kirby X


I LOVE doing event hair. The week leading up to an event like the Aussie TV Week Logie Awards consists of back and forth texting between my client* and I, of screen grabs and Pinterest boards, unfinished dresses and planning-to-the-minute of prep-times and red carpet calls. It’s hectic and fun, my brain is entirely in Hair Mode and you can bet if you catch me daydreaming it’s of creating effortlessly perfect flyaways and texture. *sigh*

(*I don’t love the word client but for the sake of this post we’ll stick with it)

So, this morning while I pour over social media and the Herald Sun Confidential -and as much as I adore the dresses- I can’t help but to zero straight in on the hair.. It will make or break The Look, and in the hair world you do not want to be the topic of water-cooler/twitter discussions for Bad Logies Hair. Here’s a break down for creating effortless-looking (but we actually worked on this all week) Event Hair.

The brief gets given fairly early in the piece and will mainly consist of the description of The Dress, because the style will decide how the client is going to want to feel on the day. Is it sexy, pretty, bohemian or edgy? It helps if I can research the designer and get a feeling for what they create, and what type of hair has/hasn’t worked with them in the past.

The silhouette of the dress is important because I’ll need to decide whether the hair needs to balance the structure or will need to add softness. I’m always visualising what the shape will be as for how much space the hair can take up. I’ll be thinking about whether the hair has to be up (high necklines) or down, or whether there’s  flexibility with the decision.

If I haven’t worked with the client before you can bet I’ll be stalking google images and Insta like a crazy person for their best hair days and taking note of any consistency with how they wear it, or whether or not they regularly take risks and try new styles. Ive realised you can tell so much about a person when you really make a point of noticing! If I’m being really particular I’ll even work on breaking down some of their previous hairstyles to work out everything down to which angle the curling tong or styler was used to get the look, so that I have those techniques up my sleeve on the day.
The texture– my favourite subject! In my opinion the texture of the hair should ultimately be such a fine detail of the entire look, and I want it to be beautiful and not screaming or competing for attention. I’d prefer it to be when someone stops and takes in all the small details that they realise its purposeful and just right.

I’ll also be looking at who and what kind of styles are making trends in international fashion at the moment, and if there’s anything I feel really inspired by and can weave into the look I’m working with. (FYI Kendall Jenner can do no wrong)

The personality of the client obviously plays a huge part in deciding what kind of hairstyle they will wear really well. It’s not going to work even if I bang out my best-ever textured pony if my client is a bit more on the conservative side or prefers her hair around her face, or killer VS waves if she’s a bit more of a tomboy. So often there’s a few subtle tweaks here or there and some reading-between-the-lines that’s necessary for nailing the breif.

Being ready to change things up at the last hour is super important! Weather, gut feelings or even un-cooperative hair can mean i’ll need to be ready to scrap an idea even if I really have prepared myself otherwise. With Olympia’s dress, there were changes literally overnight which meant that our original idea just wouldn’t have done the gown justice. Being the biggest legend, she didn’t even ask questions about what I had in mind or what it was going to look like, and the best hair always comes when there’s trust involved!!

My three legendary babes and their style breakdowns as follows:

Georgia wore a beautiful bridal gown by Bonita Couture, so it was important the hair was soft but didn’t look “wedding-y”. It needed to be up because of a high neck line and beautiful buttons down the back, so we wove it up into a waved knot, leaving the front to fall softly around her face. The texture needed to be casual and not too “done”.


Georgia Flood – “Here Come the Habibs”

Processed with VSCO with s2 preset

Laura Cameron – channel 10


Olympia Valance “Neighbours”


Olympia wore a stunning long sleeved high neck j’aton gown which had beautiful texture and detail all over, and the hair brief was “youthful and edgy”-knowing the dress definitely helped because I knew the hair just needed to be beautiful and simple. I used a flat iron to wave the hair with poker-straight ends, and used a bit of wax and mousse throughout to steer away from the girly-pretty vibe. I used my hands a lot to make it look effortless and low fuss, with lots of fly aways.

Laura suggested braids from the get go but was super relaxed about how it would come together. Her dress was strapless and had structure to it so it could carry off a detailed hair up, but we both envisioned a great deal of softness to the look. I literally braided 4 big braids, twisting the sections as I went to get even more detail, then pinned it all up and put the hairdryer onto it to loosen it up and encourage the wispiness.

Had the best time working with these gals! I can hardly call this “work” when it’s this much fun. Til next time!

Love, Lauren X