London Summer Trends: Kirby’s recent trip to the Fashionable City!

Hello to everyone in Aus!

I have been in London recently enjoying some of the Summer Sunshine over there before heading to the USA for New York Fashion Week with Lauren. While I was there I stalked the streets, salons & private members clubs for all the summer Hair Trends set to hit our shores as soon as the sun arrives! Here is what hair will be all about this coming summer!

Straight & Sleek!

Ladies, the hair has been so straight & sleek you could see your reflection! Weather the hair has been up in sleek pony’s or let down and perfectly manicured, it is all about the smooth & glossy.



Blonde, Blonde & more Blonde!

There has been so much platinum I have started the hair lightening journey on myself (I will write a post about that soon!). Blondes will be getting lighter, brighter & whiter this summer. Some of my amazing London locals took me on a night at the exclusive member’s club Shoreditch house & all the glamorous babes swanning about the rooftop pool were on the Bright Blonde Train! So many scalp bleaches I didn’t know what to do with myself (thank god for Olaplex)!


Pastel Hues!

There has been so many pastel tone on the streets! This is such a fun way to liven up your colour without having to commit to anything too outrageous. I have seen mostly Peach & Pink tones, and when accompanied by a tan they are 10 times more complimented!


Head Bands!

I saw so many girls rocking some killer head bands on the streets of London (mostly Shoreditch & Soho). I’m talking some spikey, metallic, detailed head gear that we would usually use to accessories for Race Days in Aus! This is what I love about Fashion in London (and Europe for that matter!), people are so courageous & outrageous when it comes to what they wear on the street. People wear what they want to wear and they wear it well, the confidence in their style is so magnetic… I find myself being so influenced by all these stylish gals!



While we all love a braid, and braids will still very much be seen errrr where this summer, Plaits are making a comeback! The hair pulled back smoothly with a Plaited Pony tail is all the rage…. Plus its super neat, super easy & looks great!



Now, this is what styling in summer with be all about…. The PUN!

So it is basically, our sleek Pony, plus our top knot buns, turned into a combo they call a “Pun”. I have been road testing this one myself and as a gal who is a super low maintenance hair traveller who still likes to look styled… This bad boy has been a hit! The key to nailing a “Pun”, is keep it low! Go as low as you can go into the nape and you will have nailed it!


I will come back to you soon with some ridiculous hair lightening products available abroad, plus some homemade mixtures for you organic hair lightening gals, and all the goss from New York Fashion week and the USA in general!

Love, Kirby x