Our First Styling 101 Workshop!

On Sunday (Aug 7th) Lauren & I held our very first Styling 101 Workshop for the Blog. We were lucky to snap up the stunning, private, cosy space at Yoga 37 in Collingwood for a few hours. There was an intimate group of just 7 gals invited, and during the 2 hours we showed them all the tips & tricks to styling their own hair at home with the tools they already have! We started out by demonstrating how to go from your day 1 or 2 clean smooth hair, to a cool, textured, lived in wave using either irons of a wand.

food workshop

Styling as a whole can be so overwhelming, but all you need to do is break it down into a 3 step process. Prep, Style, Finish. If you complete all these 3 steps properly you will have more control over the result. I was SO impressed with all of the girls who attended, everyone did so well! We were able to guide everyone through each section of their own hair & by the end they were absolute pros! Most of the girls were able to master the wave with the Irons which is so challenging to do on your own. The few who used the wand looked they had been styling themselves like that for years! Sometimes all you need is to be shown the right angles and different ways to hold your tools and it will change the whole way you approach your styling.

Lauren Workshop

After everyone was waved & looking glam, we were able to guide the ladies through turning their wave into a Textured Pony. Putting your hair up into a Pony can be super tricky but again, everyone nailed it! I’m sure you would have seen all the fun on our Snapchats & Insta Stories if you were on the full stalk! Did you see the super cool Snapchat Filter?! Too Fun!

pony workshop

We are so excited that our first Styling 101 Workshop was a success! Lauren & I have been in the planning for this for such a long time, and we’re so grateful for all the support we have received along the way! Our girls at Hello Hair have been our No.1 Fans on this little journey and we’re so thankful for all their contributions both with their amazing product & the friendship we have developed along the way! Evo Hair also came to the table with some amazing goodies for the girls to take away with them. We had 2 assistants on the day Natalie & Ashton, without them we would have been so stressed! So big shout out to our little Hair Fairies who make our lives easier on a daily basis!

group workshop

In October we hope to hold our next Styling Workshop in Melbourne. Until then, I am away in London & the USA for the next month and a half and will be meeting Lauren in New York for Fashion Week mid September! So keep an eye on the Blog & our Insta for Updates on all trends happening in Summer overseas that will be hitting out shores soon & all the insider goss from Fashion Week in NYC!

Love, Kirby X


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