Kirby’s intimate High Tea with Hair Goddess Renya Xydis!


How lucky am I to have had such an up close and personal hang out with the woman who leads the hair industry Renya Xydis!? When I was told about the afternoon High Tea to be held in a penthouse suite at The Olsen in South Yarra with the Hair Goddess, I got myself on board as fast as possible!

I was lucky enough in 2011 to work on a Sass & Bide show at London Fashion Week with Renya directing the hair for the day. I had just arrived in the big bad city, was lacking confidence & inspiration. I didn’t get a chance to get close too Renya on the day, but just being in the same room as her turned my career around in London Town. I was only meant to stay for 12 months, but after absorbing some of her amazing energy on that day in the Royal London Opera House, my career in the London took me on an exciting 3 year journey!

But anyway, back to the High Tea Goss! On Tuesday, I arrived at The Olsen 1pm, was handed a delicious glass of champagne, given a big kiss & cuddle from Renya (star struck much?!), had a quick photo and then got to mingle with the other 20 or so guest before getting down to business. Cloud Nine Creative Director Lauren McCowan was the host for the day, which was  great because she & Renya have such a relaxed, organic, fun, friendship, so their banter was super chilled & free flowing which helped everyone to relaxed quite quickly.

The High Tea went for 2 hours (the food and bubbles were delicious by the way!), there was a run sheet to give the discussion some direction but you wouldn’t have noticed. The conversation was relaxed, free, funny, insightful & inspiring. We were all able to jump in & ask questions at any point and Renya answered them with warmth and sincerity. You would expect someone who works with the likes of Nicole Kidman, Cate Blanchett, Hugh Jackman (just to name a few) to have a bit of an ego or arrogance about them… but not Renya! I was so pleasantly surprised with her realness about her business, her family, her team, her international editorial work & her involvement at international Fashion Weeks. She gave so much of her time & energy to each guest individually and made us all feel so welcomed. I was really impressed to hear how close she is to so many other successful Hairstylists and the relationship she has managed to maintain with them over her career. Our industry can be plagued with ego & competitive nature a lot of the time, so to see someone who is leading our industry have such beautiful friendships with so many hairdressers all over the world is incredible… she is leading by a great example!


A conversation I was lucky to have with her 1 on 1 at the end of the High Tea really gave me a boost of confidence in so many aspects of my career. I love that she has the ability to make people feel like they can take over the world and achieve their dreams without disrespecting anyone on the way there.

If any hairdressers (or anyone wanting to be inspired for that matter!) haven’t had the chance to get up close & personal with this amazing woman & the opportunity comes up, TAKE IT! It was one of the most beneficial events I have attended in my career… Thanks Haircare Australia for Hosting & giving me such a sweet Goodie bag full of treats to take home!

Love, Kirby X



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