That time we worked for Chanel!



Earlier this year, we were both offered the job of a life time… Doing hair for a Chanel Runway Show in our Home Town! Pinch me, right?! It was a long few months of waiting and keeping our mouths shut, but we can now FINALLY tell you ALL about it!

So this massive production of a runway show titled “Paris in Rome” was held in the Docklands studios on Wednesday evening for all of Chanel’s No.1 Clients in Australia (they flew people in from all over!). No big deal…..!

Lauren & I had been preparing ourselves for weeks, ensuring we had absolutely everything we needed in our hair kit, so that we could be prepared for absolutely anything that go thrown at us.
The morning of “the big day”, we got up early, did a reformer Pilates class, went for brunch & basically tried to keep ourselves busy until our 2pm call time.

When we got to the location, we were met by other hair peeps representing our fave haircare brand Oribe. We quickly got in to sign our contracts (that stated “I Kirby” & “I Lauren…. Of Chanel!!! Wish we got a photo of that!), picked up our Staff Pass & moved through with the rest of the hair crew to set up for the next few hours of fun backstage!

The director of hair for Oribe was Sophie Roberts, and she is amazinggggg! There was a team of 14 Hair Stylists that we were working amongst and everyone was awesome. We got put into pairs (Lauren & I together of course!), set up our stations with all our equipment & got the style brief from Sophie. The style we were to achieve was a 60’s style beehive through the top of the hair, with full textured ends to create a modern rock n’ roll vibe.

Here is the full break down of the styling….

Hair Prep:
Using Oribe Volumista Mist, we started at the nape working our way up the head, saturating each section on the roots with the volume spray. We then applied the Grandiose Hair Plumping Mousse through the mid lengths and ends, then used our hair dryers to dry the hair & activate all that volume from the products we had applied.

Using a 1 inch curling iron, we put a wave into to the hair. With each section, we sprayed Superfine Hair Spray through the mids & ends, waved by flat wrapping the hair on top of the tongs , then brushed out the wave with our Mason Pearson brush.

Once we got to the hairline, depending on the length of the models hair, we styled the front with either a side part of middle part that was no deeper than 1 inch.

The Styling:
Starting at the top of the occipital bone, we applied Dry Texturizing Spray to the roots and back combed the shiz of the the hair, smoothed the surface with our Mason Pearson & sprayed with Superfine Strong Hair Spray. Once we got the the part line, we moulded the hair around the face into the top & sides so there was no disconnection at any point of the style. The hair around the face wasn’t as volumized as the rest of the hair, it sat much flatter but still had a soft textured finish and hair was roughly tucked behind the ear to enhance the beehive shape.

Each model was then sprayed with a good covering of Superfine Strong Hair Spray & Impermeable Anti-Humidity Spray through the ends.

Then came the most exciting part! Armed with Superfine Hair Spray, Anti-Humidity Spray, a Tail Comb & a Mason Pearson… 6 hairstylists (Lauren & I included) went into the backstage area to give the models final touch ups as the walked onto the catwalk! The energy in that place was amazing… The music was this stunning orchestra playing a funky but elegant melody with bird noises coming through over the top. The set was made to look like a street in Paris with patisseries & all, and the models were walking through the set like movie stars from the 60’s! There were 3 super fast outfit changes for the 27 models and the clothing was amazing. One coat was worth $90,000, there were bags made to look like an old school movie camera & the jewellery was so beautifully detailed with pearls & jewels. Once the show was finished, the stores on the set opened up, waiters walked out with trays of food & champagne and all the guests stayed for an after party on the set!

Such an incredible experience for us gals to have had together, we’re so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with such a prestiges global brand like Chanel, with wicked hair products from Oribe & top dog hair stylist Sophie Roberts!

Stay tuned for more posts like this during our trip to New York Fashion Week!

Love, Kirby X

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