When it comes to ponytails, they’re known as one of the simplest yet hardest things to get just-right, and that’s because there’s a couple of important tips you need to know that will take your ponytail from gym/couch appropriate to pretty and perfectly flattering everytime!

•Start with your favourite texture – wavy, messy, smooth (I started with a Second Day wave)
•’Scoop’ it up using your hands (it helps if you tip your head back for this part)
• ‘Pinch’ the hair at the crown so that it’s not sitting flat to your head
• ‘Pull out’ some small pieces at the nape and ear to add softness
• ‘Lift and Pull’ to tighten and add height -this’ll be what gives your ponytail that extra bounce and perkiness!!


Hope you enjoy our vid,

Love, Lauren X

(PS. We’ll be bringing you a How-To video for recreating the look that Kirby and I did backstage at this weeks Chanel show.. Yep,  you read that right, CHANEL!) It was so Top Secret, but we’re going to bring you all the details very soon 💕

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