Shampoo and conditioner✨

What:  Here in Melbourne, Winter has well and truly hit and I’m finding my clients are wanting their hair to look healthier and a bit more ‘polished’ looking – compared to the tousled, sea-salty textures that we saw so much of summer. Over the past couple of weeks I started using these 2 prods on all of my colour clients and I’ve been really loving the results, so I felt like it deserved a write-up!

How: I’ve used it on all hair types, and noticed it’s not too heavy for finer hair types, and great on coarse and frizzy strands. I’m finding the finished result is ridiculously lush but not weighed down like you’d expect from shine enhancing prods like serums and oils can be. I was still able to get really good movement and volume through the hair when I blowdried and styled.

Who: I’d recommend them to anyone feeling like their hair is dull and flat-looking, anyone with coloured hair, or hair that’s a bit damaged- because I feel like it makes the hair reflect the light and look!

Processed with VSCO with s2 preset
I’m loving it because .. I haven’t had to sacrifice body and movement in my styling in return for mega shine!!

Processed with VSCO with s2 preset

Hair types.. All (but keep the conditioner away from the roots of fine hair, as always!)

Where from.. Oribe exclusive salons only (email for info on how we can send it out to you if you don’t live near a stockist💕)

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