Sometimes, it’s actually Starting a braid that can be the hard part. Trying the keep all the tension in each stand… Not letting all my bits of hair fall out… Getting into a steady rhythm… Nah stuff that!! Here is a cheat way to get off to a good start when committing to a braid. Don’t tell your friends, just let them think you’re the master of Self Styling!

Enjoy the vid!
Love, Kirby X




This big babe needs little introduction…. Australia’s wittiest beauty guru, Entrepreneur, Writer, Social Media Queen, (mumma of instagrams cutest toddler!) and all whilst running a skincare empire, Go-To.  Shes definitely a household name around here, with her cult-status beauty prodz in 4 outta 5 bathrooms worldwide .*(not a real statistic, but if you’re not already on the Zoë Train, Go-To it! ..Pun intended)

I quizzed ZFB on all things hair and beauty yesterday whilst I had her pinned down in the chair:

LM: If there’s one thing I know about you it’s that you are One Bizzay Woman!! What’s your “I’m home” routine- The first few things you do when you walk in the door ?

ZFB: Jacket off, bag down, heels off (if they’re on – rare). If it’s been a long/cold day, I’m straight upstairs and into my ‘soft clothes.’

LM: Do you have a muse when it comes to hair ? How do you decide when you want a change?

ZFB: Instagram is my muse. I screenshot good hair CONSTANTLY (you know this; half of them I send straight to you)… Even if that ‘good hair’ is several solar systems away from what my fine, curly, cowlicky mop is capable of.
LM: Facebook is great at reminding us of all the years or stages of our life when we had bad hair/style/boyfriend .. When was your worst Hair Era? (Mine, 2005, The side fringe/combover)

ZFB: Oh, there have been many bad hair stages, but the completely-obvious, too-long, mermaid, rope-like hair extensions I tried (as a beauty editor, it’s genuinely your JOB TO DO THIS STUFF) back in 2007 swing straight to mind. I was fooling no one. Not even me.
LM: Your desert island product would be… you can only take one!!

ZFB: Go-To Face Hero. Duh, Loz.

LM: Any Hair Cheats for gals who need to go from Work to Gym to Dinner – whilst maintaining socially acceptable hair?

ZFB:Yes! (I thiiiiink this is where I plug my new beauty book, Amazinger Face, which is saturated with advice on topics just like this.) Keep the hair up and loose, tight means kinks and lines. Use bobby pins for fringes and short bits. Apply dry shampoo all over the scalp after the gym, and some texture spray on the mid-lengths to ends, then blow dry roughly to get rid of ALL moisture. (Important cos moisture = greasiness and lankness). Switch your part for a fresh look (literally and figuratively), and off you trot, you fit, glorious queen.

LM: Your least favourite hair trend? (Can be current or from the archives)

ZFB: I think the very long, no layers, middle-part with curls (think the US Bachelor/Bachelorette) is dated and not nearly as flattering as people think.

LM: Before Go-To, you did your time as Beauty Editor at Australia’s top mags, Harper’s and Cosmo… What’s the best Hair Hack you’ve learnt that you still use?

ZFB: Hair sets when it’s cold. Always wait til your curls or waves or stone cold before undoing them or shaking out. And finish a smooth blow-dry with an all-over blast of cold air to set.

LM: if you could go back and tell your 13 year old self anything, what would you warn her about when it comes to hair?

ZFB: Don’t use Sun-In! No. It’s cheap and nasty and makes your hair orange, not blonde. Also, regarding the eyebrows (oh COME ON, it’s hair!), leave them alone, you dingus.

LM: Do you have an ultimate hair splurge (something lush and luxuriously exy) ..and what about any secretly scrooge-y non-trendy prods/treatments that you can’t do without?

ZFB:I love Oribe dry textururising spray. Very much. I love Batiste dry shampoo just as much.

LM: You’re a mumma, and as your hairdresser I know been through a bit of a hair journey when it comes to Post Preggo Hair Recovery – do you have any advice for new mum’s who might be dealing with the changes in their hair with pregnancy/breastfeeding/hormones?

ZFB: I had mine keratin smoothed just before I had my baby, which was a big time saver. Everyone talks about hair loss: I didn’t notice that. What I DID notice was just shit hair in general. It was heavy, straight and lank for over a YEAR after giving birth, due to hormones/breastfeeding apparently. I had no texture and none of my styling tricks or products worked. I honestly thought my curls would never come back (it happens!) I think you noticed my curls come back about six months ago… when my son was 18 months old. What a load of horseshit all that was.

LM: what’s the worst home hair job you’ve ever done? (Box dyes/DIY fringes)

I wanted an undercut when I was 14 so I used dad’s razor on my sideburns to kick it off. Then stopped in fear. Then just had sideburns for about a year. What a LOSER.

LM: What is the biggest thing you’ve done to your hair that took you out of your comfort zone?

ZFB: I go blonde every few years for shits and giggs. (I was a real blonde til about 10 years-old, then a fake most of my life til I was about 20.) Then I remember how time-consuming it is and go dark again.

LM: And lastly, for all the sleeper-innerers, You’re leaving the house in five minutes – what do you do with your hair? Paper bag is not an option..

ZFB: Volume powder, dry shampoo and messy top-knot with some fuzz around the face for that imperfect, effortless look that actually is quite hard to create. Or, wet it, comb in some straightening balm with a fine-tooth comb, do a deep side part and slick down into a low pony.


Happy Thursday!

love, Lauren X

How to get the Best out of your Hairdresser!


Most of the new clients we see in the salon, come to us because they have asked for a specific colour & style, but their previous hairdresser has just missed the mark slightly. This isn’t always the fault of the hairdresser, there are a few things to take into consideration when you’re going to get you mane tended too. Here are some key pointers to help you & your stylist get the most out of your appointment!



The most important of all!! The only thing that stands between an amazing hairdresser & an almost amazing hairdresser, is the pressure of time! Most salons run on 45 minute time slots, which makes it difficult to have a thorough consultation AND get a bangin’ colour application!

There are 2 ways you can combat this time pressure…

  1. Make a consultation appointment prior to the actual hair appointment. This way, you can have an in-depth convo with your hair guru & make sure you’re on the same page moving forward.
  2. When you’re making your appointment, ask for a little extra time to have the colour applied! This shouldn’t be an issue as it’s only an extra 15 minutes added onto the appointment… which will make the world of difference.


Team Work.

It is up to us as hairdressers to listen to your needs are as a client, but it is also up to the client to be honest about your colour history, the products you’re using at home & to commit to the aftercare that we recommend to you that will maintain your colour & quality of hair!


Being open & honest about experiences you have had in the past & what you expect to get out of your hairstylist moving forward is so important. If you struggle to explain what you want, start with talking about what you DON’T want, and the convo will no doubt start to flow. Ask lots of questions, we have so many facts stored in our hair brains, that we will be able to answer anything. And if you have a fear of going blank as soon as you sit in the chair at the salon, make a few notes prior to your appointment about what you want & don’t want!


Inspo Images.

Thank god we’re in the age of The Smart Phone… Gone are the days of cutting out celebrity hair pics from trashy mags! Images are such a great way to get on the same page as your hairdresser. A lot of the time, your idea of a “creamy blonde” or “ombre” are very different to your hair scientist… So go on a trawl through Insta, Pinterest & Blogs to get some ideas of hair you would like to wear and put them in a little “Hair Folder” on your phone!


Stalk your Stylist.

Last but not least, stalk your hairdresser on social media, and by that I mean Instagram! You will be able to see the quality of their work, the style of hair they do and get a good feel for their personality.

So now you have all the tools to get the most out of your hair experiences moving forward, I expect to see some amazing tresses stomping the streets over the next few months!


Love, Kirby x


That time we worked for Chanel!



Earlier this year, we were both offered the job of a life time… Doing hair for a Chanel Runway Show in our Home Town! Pinch me, right?! It was a long few months of waiting and keeping our mouths shut, but we can now FINALLY tell you ALL about it!

So this massive production of a runway show titled “Paris in Rome” was held in the Docklands studios on Wednesday evening for all of Chanel’s No.1 Clients in Australia (they flew people in from all over!). No big deal…..!

Lauren & I had been preparing ourselves for weeks, ensuring we had absolutely everything we needed in our hair kit, so that we could be prepared for absolutely anything that go thrown at us.
The morning of “the big day”, we got up early, did a reformer Pilates class, went for brunch & basically tried to keep ourselves busy until our 2pm call time.

When we got to the location, we were met by other hair peeps representing our fave haircare brand Oribe. We quickly got in to sign our contracts (that stated “I Kirby” & “I Lauren…. Of Chanel!!! Wish we got a photo of that!), picked up our Staff Pass & moved through with the rest of the hair crew to set up for the next few hours of fun backstage!

The director of hair for Oribe was Sophie Roberts, and she is amazinggggg! There was a team of 14 Hair Stylists that we were working amongst and everyone was awesome. We got put into pairs (Lauren & I together of course!), set up our stations with all our equipment & got the style brief from Sophie. The style we were to achieve was a 60’s style beehive through the top of the hair, with full textured ends to create a modern rock n’ roll vibe.

Here is the full break down of the styling….

Hair Prep:
Using Oribe Volumista Mist, we started at the nape working our way up the head, saturating each section on the roots with the volume spray. We then applied the Grandiose Hair Plumping Mousse through the mid lengths and ends, then used our hair dryers to dry the hair & activate all that volume from the products we had applied.

Using a 1 inch curling iron, we put a wave into to the hair. With each section, we sprayed Superfine Hair Spray through the mids & ends, waved by flat wrapping the hair on top of the tongs , then brushed out the wave with our Mason Pearson brush.

Once we got to the hairline, depending on the length of the models hair, we styled the front with either a side part of middle part that was no deeper than 1 inch.

The Styling:
Starting at the top of the occipital bone, we applied Dry Texturizing Spray to the roots and back combed the shiz of the the hair, smoothed the surface with our Mason Pearson & sprayed with Superfine Strong Hair Spray. Once we got the the part line, we moulded the hair around the face into the top & sides so there was no disconnection at any point of the style. The hair around the face wasn’t as volumized as the rest of the hair, it sat much flatter but still had a soft textured finish and hair was roughly tucked behind the ear to enhance the beehive shape.

Each model was then sprayed with a good covering of Superfine Strong Hair Spray & Impermeable Anti-Humidity Spray through the ends.

Then came the most exciting part! Armed with Superfine Hair Spray, Anti-Humidity Spray, a Tail Comb & a Mason Pearson… 6 hairstylists (Lauren & I included) went into the backstage area to give the models final touch ups as the walked onto the catwalk! The energy in that place was amazing… The music was this stunning orchestra playing a funky but elegant melody with bird noises coming through over the top. The set was made to look like a street in Paris with patisseries & all, and the models were walking through the set like movie stars from the 60’s! There were 3 super fast outfit changes for the 27 models and the clothing was amazing. One coat was worth $90,000, there were bags made to look like an old school movie camera & the jewellery was so beautifully detailed with pearls & jewels. Once the show was finished, the stores on the set opened up, waiters walked out with trays of food & champagne and all the guests stayed for an after party on the set!

Such an incredible experience for us gals to have had together, we’re so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with such a prestiges global brand like Chanel, with wicked hair products from Oribe & top dog hair stylist Sophie Roberts!

Stay tuned for more posts like this during our trip to New York Fashion Week!

Love, Kirby X


When it comes to ponytails, they’re known as one of the simplest yet hardest things to get just-right, and that’s because there’s a couple of important tips you need to know that will take your ponytail from gym/couch appropriate to pretty and perfectly flattering everytime!

•Start with your favourite texture – wavy, messy, smooth (I started with a Second Day wave)
•’Scoop’ it up using your hands (it helps if you tip your head back for this part)
• ‘Pinch’ the hair at the crown so that it’s not sitting flat to your head
• ‘Pull out’ some small pieces at the nape and ear to add softness
• ‘Lift and Pull’ to tighten and add height -this’ll be what gives your ponytail that extra bounce and perkiness!!


Hope you enjoy our vid,

Love, Lauren X

(PS. We’ll be bringing you a How-To video for recreating the look that Kirby and I did backstage at this weeks Chanel show.. Yep,  you read that right, CHANEL!) It was so Top Secret, but we’re going to bring you all the details very soon 💕


Hey peeps!!

We have been super busy getting ready for a SUPER exciting project (so exciting that we’re not even allowed to talk about it, but trust us, as soon as we can spill we will bring you ALL the goss!!!)

..but to tide you over, here is Kirby’s textured waves tutorial:

(things to remember – best to start on second day hair, keep the temperature on medium to low to avoid damage and keep the style in longer, and always wind away from the face!)



Shampoo and conditioner✨

What:  Here in Melbourne, Winter has well and truly hit and I’m finding my clients are wanting their hair to look healthier and a bit more ‘polished’ looking – compared to the tousled, sea-salty textures that we saw so much of summer. Over the past couple of weeks I started using these 2 prods on all of my colour clients and I’ve been really loving the results, so I felt like it deserved a write-up!

How: I’ve used it on all hair types, and noticed it’s not too heavy for finer hair types, and great on coarse and frizzy strands. I’m finding the finished result is ridiculously lush but not weighed down like you’d expect from shine enhancing prods like serums and oils can be. I was still able to get really good movement and volume through the hair when I blowdried and styled.

Who: I’d recommend them to anyone feeling like their hair is dull and flat-looking, anyone with coloured hair, or hair that’s a bit damaged- because I feel like it makes the hair reflect the light and look!

Processed with VSCO with s2 preset
I’m loving it because .. I haven’t had to sacrifice body and movement in my styling in return for mega shine!!

Processed with VSCO with s2 preset

Hair types.. All (but keep the conditioner away from the roots of fine hair, as always!)

Where from.. Oribe exclusive salons only (email for info on how we can send it out to you if you don’t live near a stockist💕)