Winter Colour & Cut Trends

Happy 1st Day of Winter!
What way to embrace the cooler months than with a fresh sassy hair style!
This winter is all about warm tones & textured cuts! Read on and embrace some of this Winters fun hair trends…

Textured Fringe.
This winter you will see a comeback of the lived in, grown out fringe, that is super textured. I love the versatility of these fringes, you can wear them slightly parted on the centre, pushed to either side or forward. A bonus, the more textured the easier it is to grow out when you’re ready for a change!


Leave your length at the collar bone.
In the salon, we’re seeing a lot of chops to the collar bone. Most people are opting for just past the collar bone to give the appearance of a “Short Long Cut” rather than a “Long Short Cut”. It’s a great length because you still have the ability to throw it up in a top knot, and when left down it looks more like a sassy style cut.

Shaggy 70’s Texture with a modern twist
A lot of people lately are wanting a more natural, tousled finish to their hair without the solid freshly cut look. Haircuts have evolved to assist with this “undone” style. We’re seeing a lot of chops with a straight base line to create structure & lots of soft texture through the interior of the hair cut to sexy it up a little. This doesn’t mean the hair is layered as such, it just has lots of texture & movement to step away from the heavy blunt finish.


Multiple Technique Colours.
To create more personalised, detailed colours for our clients, we’re doing more than one colouring technique on each head of hair. Mostly, we have been combining Freehand Balayage, Highlights, Babylights & Multiple Toners to create a more natural blended colour result. This applies to all heads of hair, weather Blonde or Brunette. By layering techniques we can really create an individual colour for each client!

Multi tonal blonde.
To create depth to a bright summer blonde for winter, most of our blonde clients are maintaining their bright creamy tone, but are adding a slightly darker warm blonde low light with a deeper root. By doing this, it is a great way to keep the blonde in balance & not necessarily go “darker” for the winter months. It is important to not be scared of “warm” tones in your hair… Ask your colourist for “Controlled Warmth”… It is the way forward!


Warm “Natural Light” hair colour.
Because the way we colour hair has evolved so much in the last few years, we can add the smallest amount of soft colour in the right places to enhance natural hair tones. This winter we will be seeing a lot less colour in the hair, with hair that appears “naturally lightened” with a controlled warm tone. The warmth will help to enhance dull skin tones that are lacking that summer glow.


For a little bit of fun & brightness, we will notice a lot of people adding some fun artificial warm/pastel tones to their brighter blonde hair. The tones that will be around most are Pinks, Violet Hues, Rose Gold & Peach. This is a fun way to play around with your hair colour through the darker gloomier months without having to go too far away from your bright blonde.


I’m looking forward to welcoming Winter with some of these looks myself!

Love, Kirby x

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