Going away on a business or work trip is entiiiiiiirely different ballgame! You’ll be wanting to be able to present in a more professional and polished way, but without packing your entire bathroom cupboard along for the ride.
So, this is where a bit of preparation will go a long way. Any one out there with frizzy, flyaway, untameable hair will benefit from getting a keratin smoothing treatment before they jet off -the results are so good, you’re going to thank me later. An investment, but It’ll save you so much time and stress and you’ll look polished and presentable 24/sev.
(nb: I’m consistently seeing great results with the Bhave Straightening System, and from what I hear it has a really good price point, TICK)

..If this really isn’t an option and you’re not great at getting your hair to look polished on your own, I’d recommend getting a really good blowdry (smooth and a bit of body travels pretty well I find) and have on hand the details of a local blowdry bar for when you land if you need a refresh.

Your kit should look like this:

*Your own shampoo and conditioner – you’re already going to be dealing with different climate and water type, your hair will appreciate having its usual suspects
*A small styler for touching up your blowdry (you can even get travel size/mini versions now, so if work travel will be on the reg it might be worthwhile looking in to)
*A dry shampoo – choose one that’s light and doesn’t leave a residue. Great idea if you like to excercise while you’re away, you can spray your hair line and parting after a sweat sesh – I love Death Valley by R+Co

*Bobby Pins and hair tie for if all else fails and you need to whip up a mean ponytail on the go

3 last minute tips and tricks:

•Pour your must-have prods into travel-size bottles where you can, and always squeeze some air out of a bottle before screwing the lid on (if flying) and double bag!! Don’t be devo at the other end, trust me, I use a pink shampoo and I’ve learnt the lesson!

•If you read my ‘no hairdryer’ and laughed out loud, choose one that packs well like the new parlux or twin turbo which are super light and compact.

•Before flying, gently twist your hair up into a high knot/bun and pin in place with pins rather than a hair tie. You’ve got more chance at having some volume and body in your hair at the other end, and it should survive a sleep mask and window pillow situation fairly successfully.
Safe travels,

Lauren X

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