Blondes: Why you should transition from Foils to Balayage!

Gone are the days of having a “Half Head of Highlights” being one of your only blonde options on offer!
The way that we colour hair is evolving in the best way for us hairdressers and for you as a client. New techniques are allowing our regulars to leave around 12 weeks between colour appointments, which is amazing for your hair & your wallet! So if you’re one of those 6-8 week clients wondering how that gap between visits is possible, here is a way for you to make your blonde go from Solid Regrowth lines, to a natural bright Balayage!

Letting your natural shine!

Allowing your natural hair colour to come through is the most important part! It doesn’t mean you have to have a big dark regrowth, you should have the blend from your natural hair into lightness be a soft melt of colour. The blend can be created by doing a combination of Stretched Foils (foils that are anywhere from 1cm away from the scalp), Freehand Balayage, Baby Lights & a Shadow Toner to blend your roots into the lightness.


Shadows in the right places!
Having shadows or darker tones incorporated into your hair colour doesn’t mean losing you blonde locks & going for a darker look.
Hair colour is all about having the light & dark tones in the right places. The shadows of darkness will help to make your hair appear fuller, make your lighter pieces more of a statement and give you a softer blended natural finish.

Brighter around the face!
Naturally, when hair lightens in the sun, it always goes lighter around the face. So when you’re getting your hair coloured in the salon, it’s important to ask to have it a little blonder around the face. It gives you a more natural and over all lighter finish while still having that darker tone on the roots to maintain the depth.

Keeping the ends Light & Bright!
The key to being the best blonde you can be, is to keep the ends of your hair light & bright! Don’t allow the tone to go brassy as your blonde ages. Ask your colourist every now and then to do a gentle cleanse on your ends of your hair to take out any discolouration. Also, there are some great blonde toning conditioners out there to help keep your colour clean between salon visits, so get on board!

How much healthier is your hair!
The less you’re in the salon getting your hair coloured, the better the quality of your hair in the long run! Tempe quality of your hair should never be compromised for a colour, so if you hair is feeling a little over coloured & stressed, take the leap to the more natural way of colouring!

Love, Kirby X



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