Packing to travel is one thing; packing a hair-kit for travel is definitely another. Believe me when I say there’s nothing more annoying than over packing- lugging around numerous hot tools that you don’t end up using, too many products that risk spilling through your Camilla kaftans and Zimmerman playsuits. Then there’s travelling for fun and travelling for work, and hair-wise you’re gonna need a whole different arsenal of gear! So, through my own trials and tribulations, hopefully I can shed a little light on what is a must and what you can ditch, in order to make your trip go as smooth as your hair after a quick lick of a cloudnine styler 😉


Tully Lou has the beachiest mane in the biz! We were in Greece together in 2015 where I got to braid her hair erryday 💕


Braids slicked with treatment are an epic way to look after your hair on holidays while still looking beautiful 💕

HOLIDAYS  (Read: beachy, sightseeing, exploring etc)

This is your chance to fully immerse yourself in the culture and to take advantage of your climate. Going tropical?Hair masks will be your bestie, slick your hair with some oil or cream-based goodness and alternate between chic low pony’s and knots, braids or plaits and after a day in the sun you can rinse it out and admire your fresh soft locks.
This is especially awesome for gals who get stressed out by frizz, flyaways, the devil-horn look. Plus you look so glam and smug, knowing your hair is gonna be so fab from the extra tlc you’re giving it.
Your absolute must haves to pack are going to be:
* a mask – great ones are Hello Hair (all natural, oil based. Delish) Christophe Robin Prickly Pear (pure luxury, better for gals with thick, coarse hair) finer haired gals could take a lighter option like Bamboo Thermal Protectant spray, just spray it in liberally and comb it through.
*Your own shampoo in a small travel size bottle (on behalf of all of the hairdressers out there, the hotel 2in1 is never ok, ever).. I try and take as little as I have to away with me and just stretch out my washing days as much as I can! Lazy? I hear you say- I like to think I’m doing my hair a favour. You’re on holidays after all!
*at least one good quality Hair tie – I love the No-Mark stretchy plastic kind, available pretty much everywhere now. I swear they do a better topknot! But also kinder to wet hair.
*A stack of bobby pins (to scatter around the hotel room so that it feels like home, and to keep your treatmenty hair away from your face)
*ONE heated tool (optional, always optional!) My first preference here is a cloud 9 styler, simply for versatility because if you are going to style your hair you can pretty much achieve any type of straight, wave, or texture that you would want to. Even if it is just to tidy up the front hairline, because believe me there are way more fun things to do on holidays than to be waving your hair in your humid hotel room and getting flustered when the two sides aren’t matching, amiright?!
*An anti-humidity spray– essential in a tropical climate- I love the one by Oribe, Anti-permeable (it’s legit the bomb on ALL hair types, and could potentially double as a lightweight hairspray)
*A good wide tooth comb or detango
* some serum for taming (transfer into a small travel bottle)- a life saver for ends that dry out and frizz in the heat – Oz brand Mr Smith released a serum last year and the texture is non greasy and so silky- not too heavy even on fine baby hairs, and still great on coarse thick ones to
* you’re going to need a texturising product – for when you’ve washed out your treatment but you want beachbabe insta-worthy hair in time for cocktail hour. Your choice here, but go for one that you can spray-scrunch-and-go, with a hold factor depending on your desired texture and hair type. Great ones (in order of gentle to strong) are Prep by Oribe, Mister Fantastic by Evo and Rockway by RandCo. All are pump bottles so easy to travel with, can be used on wet or dry hair and smell so freshhhh


NOTE: If you’re headed somewhere with a cooler climate than your locks are used to, keep in mind the temperature changes going from inside heating to outside temps can tend to dry your hair out so you’re going to need to take the same type of  hydrating prods along here too. This is your chance to make the most of it and accessorise with warm hats, scarves and cute beanies, so make the most of it by giving your hair a rest by skipping the heat-styling on those days.
What to leave behind:
Hairdryer – you didn’t hear it from me but those low-watt hotel hair dryers actually help make the best natural beach waves- it’s almost like the effect of using a diffuser- leave your own at home and give it a go.

Round Brush if youre desperate to take a brush, a paddle brush is way more versatile than a roundy, they’re  great to chuck in your bag during the day, and they cut down drying/smoothing time because you can take bigger sections.

Hair sprays -minimise your aerosols by finding an anti humidity spray that acts like a hairspray too, genius!

Curling wands – in my opinion, traveling with a curling iron is a bit of a waste of space, they just don’t multi task enough

Conditioner– you’ll be taking your mask instead, which you’ll get more bang for buck anyway!

…coming up next I’ll bring you how to pack your hair kit like a bawse on a business trip, stay tuned!

Lauren X

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