OLAPLEX: What you NEED to know!

“What even is Olaplex?!”… A question we hear from our clients DAILYYYYY! It has changed the way we approach hair colour on every level, and it will open your mind up to a world of hair possibilities!
It can get pretty “hair sciencey” for even us Hair Scientists, so here is what you need to know in the most normal of language…

What does it actually do?!
When we colour hair, the colouring process pulls apart the inside structure of your hair (basically, inside each strand are all these little balls, and colouring your hair separates the balls), which is what weakens your hair & causes the damage. So, the way Olaplex works within the colour mix, is that it holds all your “hair balls” together. Which means no damage is actually done by colouring your hair at all! Amazing Huh!?
How does it work?
Olaplex is a 3 step process!
Step 1: we mix Olaplex into your hair colour, whatever that may be! It protects your hair through the colour process!
Step 2: a treatment at the basin to seal the deal of stage one & give your hair some extra love (gives you more “hair balls” and strengthens all your existing “hair balls”).
Step 3: a take home treatment for you to use at home on the reg (weekly or fortnightly will get you a gold star!) & will help increase your strong “hair ball” count! You should sleep with this in, and then you will need to shampoo & condition to take it out in the morning.

Do I need it?
This is the GOD FATHER of hair products! If your hair dresser doesn’t have it, or offer it, when something so amazing is available to the world of hair, go and find someone who will bath you in the shizz if you want it!!
Regardless of whether you’re Blonde, Brunette or a Balayage with a little of both… Olaplex is definitely for you. I would recommend all my colour clients get on the Olaplex train, the health of your hair should never be compromised if you can avoid it!

What about other “Plex” Systems?
Olaplex is the one and the only! Do not enter into a relationship with any of the fake a$$ “Plex’s” that will promise you the world, then run off into the sunset with your sad damaged hair, never to be seen again! Olaplex was designed & patented by some very smart Hair Scientists in the USA , their formula is protected and no other system will actually work… ever…. period!

What differences have you noticed?
Over the last 12 months+ that I have been using Olaplex, I have noticed such a difference in the health & strength of my clients hair… Especially all those fine hair gals out there! Fine hair can be tangly & weak, but over a period of time, Olaplex reduces the tangles so much and toughens up each strand so much, it won’t take any crap from anybody!
With all hair types, the hair seems to dry so much more controlled! The old, sad, frizzy, dry ends are gone… Which means an easier to manage mane!
I have also noticed a difference in SHINE! Which is normally achieved through styling products. The shine you get from Olaplex is awesome!

Anything else I need to know?
The only other piece of information that might be of importance to our clients is, that Olapex can slow the colour process down! So when you’re going to get your hair coloured with your new life changing Olaplex additive, be aware you might have to sit with the colour in your hair for a little longer…. But the extra wait is definitely worth it!

Love, Kirby X

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