I LOVE doing event hair. The week leading up to an event like the Aussie TV Week Logie Awards consists of back and forth texting between my client* and I, of screen grabs and Pinterest boards, unfinished dresses and planning-to-the-minute of prep-times and red carpet calls. It’s hectic and fun, my brain is entirely in Hair Mode and you can bet if you catch me daydreaming it’s of creating effortlessly perfect flyaways and texture. *sigh*

(*I don’t love the word client but for the sake of this post we’ll stick with it)

So, this morning while I pour over social media and the Herald Sun Confidential -and as much as I adore the dresses- I can’t help but to zero straight in on the hair.. It will make or break The Look, and in the hair world you do not want to be the topic of water-cooler/twitter discussions for Bad Logies Hair. Here’s a break down for creating effortless-looking (but we actually worked on this all week) Event Hair.

The brief gets given fairly early in the piece and will mainly consist of the description of The Dress, because the style will decide how the client is going to want to feel on the day. Is it sexy, pretty, bohemian or edgy? It helps if I can research the designer and get a feeling for what they create, and what type of hair has/hasn’t worked with them in the past.

The silhouette of the dress is important because I’ll need to decide whether the hair needs to balance the structure or will need to add softness. I’m always visualising what the shape will be as for how much space the hair can take up. I’ll be thinking about whether the hair has to be up (high necklines) or down, or whether there’s  flexibility with the decision.

If I haven’t worked with the client before you can bet I’ll be stalking google images and Insta like a crazy person for their best hair days and taking note of any consistency with how they wear it, or whether or not they regularly take risks and try new styles. Ive realised you can tell so much about a person when you really make a point of noticing! If I’m being really particular I’ll even work on breaking down some of their previous hairstyles to work out everything down to which angle the curling tong or styler was used to get the look, so that I have those techniques up my sleeve on the day.
The texture– my favourite subject! In my opinion the texture of the hair should ultimately be such a fine detail of the entire look, and I want it to be beautiful and not screaming or competing for attention. I’d prefer it to be when someone stops and takes in all the small details that they realise its purposeful and just right.

I’ll also be looking at who and what kind of styles are making trends in international fashion at the moment, and if there’s anything I feel really inspired by and can weave into the look I’m working with. (FYI Kendall Jenner can do no wrong)

The personality of the client obviously plays a huge part in deciding what kind of hairstyle they will wear really well. It’s not going to work even if I bang out my best-ever textured pony if my client is a bit more on the conservative side or prefers her hair around her face, or killer VS waves if she’s a bit more of a tomboy. So often there’s a few subtle tweaks here or there and some reading-between-the-lines that’s necessary for nailing the breif.

Being ready to change things up at the last hour is super important! Weather, gut feelings or even un-cooperative hair can mean i’ll need to be ready to scrap an idea even if I really have prepared myself otherwise. With Olympia’s dress, there were changes literally overnight which meant that our original idea just wouldn’t have done the gown justice. Being the biggest legend, she didn’t even ask questions about what I had in mind or what it was going to look like, and the best hair always comes when there’s trust involved!!

My three legendary babes and their style breakdowns as follows:

Georgia wore a beautiful bridal gown by Bonita Couture, so it was important the hair was soft but didn’t look “wedding-y”. It needed to be up because of a high neck line and beautiful buttons down the back, so we wove it up into a waved knot, leaving the front to fall softly around her face. The texture needed to be casual and not too “done”.


Georgia Flood – “Here Come the Habibs”

Processed with VSCO with s2 preset

Laura Cameron – channel 10


Olympia Valance “Neighbours”


Olympia wore a stunning long sleeved high neck j’aton gown which had beautiful texture and detail all over, and the hair brief was “youthful and edgy”-knowing the dress definitely helped because I knew the hair just needed to be beautiful and simple. I used a flat iron to wave the hair with poker-straight ends, and used a bit of wax and mousse throughout to steer away from the girly-pretty vibe. I used my hands a lot to make it look effortless and low fuss, with lots of fly aways.

Laura suggested braids from the get go but was super relaxed about how it would come together. Her dress was strapless and had structure to it so it could carry off a detailed hair up, but we both envisioned a great deal of softness to the look. I literally braided 4 big braids, twisting the sections as I went to get even more detail, then pinned it all up and put the hairdryer onto it to loosen it up and encourage the wispiness.

Had the best time working with these gals! I can hardly call this “work” when it’s this much fun. Til next time!

Love, Lauren X

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