Vida Glow – Tried & Tested!

I love my health supps- speaking as a “follically challenged” individual, if it promises better hair and great skin I will have done a double-take (and let’s face it I’ve probably already bought a bulk supply online)
But it can be awfully confusing with so many on the market, and with all of them promising the best results but needing full commitment from you for at least 2 months- you want to be sure you
A) can easily take the product – (tablets vs liquids vs gels, oh my)
B) actually like the product
Because otherwise you’ll be accidently on purpose forgetting to remember to take them.
For best results you really do need to take it e-v-e-r-y-d-a-y for 8 weeks to notice your hair is looking healthier (this is because of the annoyingly slow rate that hair grows, and of course the supps work internally and can only make a difference to the new hair – it won’t change any damage on the ends, but fear not-that’s what treatments are for)
So.. something that is able to be chucked into your handbag is really helpful. Vida glow comes  individually wrapped so that you can have it at work easily throughout the day. There’s a whole bunch of new flavours now too- I tried peach and just shook it into my water bottle. Super easy. It’s made of sustainably sourced marine collagen, so it’s all natural (but might make it unsuitable for vegans) and for me I generally feel like a liquid is going to be absorbed better than some tablets (which can come coated, making your liver work hard just to break them down, even making you nauseous)
The collagen helps support what your body is made to do so it’s easily utilised for fighting signs of aging, and also external environmental factors like late nights and toxins/bad diet. WIN.
The Beauty Blend powder was our ultimate fave though- a hair skin and nails powder that we ( bf loved it too, hilarious, as he has a shaved head, and zero intention of growing his hair) added to our smoothies everyday. When you’re already making a smoothie there’s not much effort to add one more ingredient so we found it very easy to get through the whole container.  Tastes delish, with Manuka honey, cacao and blueberry powder making it sweet but not sickly or artificial. Both of us noticed our skin looked pretty epic after less than a week, and my hair is feeling really good too.
We loved it because it’s all natural- these days we all come into contact with that many preservatives that one less thing really adds up. Highly recommended!! I love supporting Aussie brands, Check them out!!
Me and my lusher than lush locks
(Ps if youre thinking “pffft, follically challenged? But her hair is so long and thick!” I go to West End Hair to get microlink extenno’s for length)
Love, Lauren x

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