The Met Gala had more Hits than Misses!


Well this year’s Met Gala Ball had way more Hits than Misses that’s for sure, which is lucky considering the theme for this year was “Fashion in the age of Technology”… The result of that could have ended in a fancy dress nightmare, phew!

Here are a few of my Top Picks!

Classic Romantic Up Do’s!

Let’s start with Claire Danes… I mean WOW, her dress GLOWS! But all that aside, she looked like a fairy-tail princess with her soft romantic up do. I really liked that all the hair was scraped back away from the face, it was very soft but still had structure!


Nina Dobrev also looked incredible with her soft, textured centre part up do. I’m not normally one for too much height, but I don’t think this look would have been complete without it!


You can’t go wrong with a classic…Both of these ladies Nailed it!

Soft Texture!

Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen. These 2 have such a great style always. They seem to appear on every red carpet looking like that have just rolled out of bed that way. I love the texture in both of their hair styles, there hasn’t been overuse of product or tools and the styling is so simple & soft but so spot on!

Kate Hudson always looks fantastic, she was definitely blessed in the gene pool. Her hair is always has a very natural finish and is never too polished. I really like her consistency with her style, she never adjusts how she looks too much to fit into a crowd, and that is why she is one of my fave’s rocking the soft texture from this years Gala!


Sleek Ponies All Round!

Kendall Jenner + That Pony + That Versace Dress = Killed it. There were a lot of simple sleek ponies on the red carpet this year at the Gala, but Kendall is the winner by far. Gold Star from Head to Toe!

Gigi Hadid was another one who stood out. She has a simple low sleek pony that she had bulked out by using hair extensions, to give her a full blunt finish. By adding more hair for fullness & that smooth deep set part line, it made her hair a bit more of a statement piece.


Sassy Bobs!

Kylie Jenner… and her ever changing head of hair! I feel like you never know what you’re going to get with this young gal, but she was surprisingly sophisticated for this years red carpet! She really owned her fresh blunt bob, the side part with one side tucked behind the ear helped to give her hair a more on trend & current style.

Jourdan Dunn… Well she is one of the world’s Hottest super models, so no surprise that she 110% rocked her Sassy Bob! The colour I must say is THAT good, those icy tones on her dark skin… I just love love love everything about her on the red carpet!


Straight & Smooth Perfection!

Margot Robbie, Beyonce & Katie Homles went for sleek straight hair falling in a centre part. I really appreciate under stated hair; it doesn’t have to be outrageous to be awesome… These girls definitely nailed it.


Glamour Waves for Days!

Bella Hadid and Amber Heard look like absolute babes with their classic volumous Hollywood Glamour Wave. For this look to be complete, the flow, volume & movement from roots to tips has to be seamless. They have both tucked & parted & swept their hair in all the right places! Love!


The Misses……!

Taylor Swift!!! What has happened to your Hairrrrrrrr!? I think she is trying to embrace a new rock sheik look… but the rest of her image is still on the sweet girl side. That new bleach blonde shaggy hair had not been executed correctly… I’m just so confused!?


Lupita Nyong’o & Katy Perry…. I think they went a little over the tip for this one, or maybe they just got the Met Gala Ball (the name stinks of class) with the MTV Music Awards (Get creative, silly & let your hair down). I think these “Up Do’s” will have them noticed for all the wrong reasons!



So there you have it, another year on the Met Gala Red Carpet is done and dusted! Now we can all look forward to the next big event!

Love, Kirby x

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