I estimated today I’ve done over 150 weddings. Now either I’m terrible at maths or that is a lot of wedding hair. Crazy huh?
It’s a beautiful, fun, sometimes highly emotional and often stressful (not that you ever let on!) part of my job that I feel lucky to be a part of. It also made me realise that I feel super knowledgeable on the Wedding Hair Situation, and so here began the idea to start a Wedding Hair Thread for The Loop. Kirbs and I will bring you all the little gold nuggets of info that we reckon as hairstylists will help go towards the planning of your big day – in the hair department that is. So if you’re planning to tie the knot, or newly engaged- read on!


Start taking those hair supps! These are only going to bring you more Good Skin Days and
better looking hair. WIN.
Great ones I love are:

  • Fusion Hair Tonic with Phytophol– proven to actually re-grow hair. I take 2 erryday.
  • Vida glow Beauty blend – hair skin and nails in a powder, so it’s easily absorbed. Tasty, too.
  • Liquid Silica – defs NOT tasty but super duper good at getting results.



Find yourself a great colourist/hairdresser if you don’t already have one. It needs to be someone you feel really confident in their skills and comfortable to spend a bit of time with! Ask friends for referrals.
Get your hair colour sorted and then don’t muck around with it Have a thorough consultation or at least have a plan in place for the next 3-4 visits for how you’d like to have your hair colour to look on the day. It’s so important to make the decision early in the piece- this is not the time to be trying out drastic changes/pastel rinses/ Insta rainbow hair. Save that for after you do the #postweddingchop.
Bonus points– Less is more when it comes to hair colouring for your wedding. keep it natural looking and try to work with the idea of enhancing what you’ve got.
From a hairstylist’s perspective, your hair quality will be so much better if you’re not trying out different hairdressers who’ll use different colour techniques every 8 weeks, which will mean your hair is more likely to grow and you’ll have more options with the actual style you can go with on the day.
Find someone great. Make a plan. Book your appointments in advance. ‘Nuff said.

Book your wedding hair stylist at around the 8 month mark. Most won’t take bookings any further out than that, so be organised because brides can ruthless and the experienced ones get booked fast! In saying that, at the end of the day, the most important thing is how you feel being around your hairstylist. Because on your wedding day it’s GOTTA be fun and relaxed, that is what will be the most memorable thing. How you look is important too because it plays a huge part in how you feel, but the Getting Ready aspect is just as important as the Actual Wedding Bit.

Wedding Trials
One is a must.
Two is better.
Take loads of hair inspo pics with you, and take loads of photos of the end result so that you both have references for it on your phones.  It’s great to have on hand On The Day, but also a great reference point to look back on if you decide to have more than one trial.
Sometimes, you’ll end up booking a hairstylist who isn’t your colourist. This is ok! But if you’re not seeing them regularly, and if theres a few months between the trial and the wedding, it’s a bloody great idea to follow up with another trial closer to the day. Your hair might have grown too long/too thick for your chosen hairstyle, you might have changed your mind with what you want along the way, or it could have grown as much as it’s going to- in which case you may want to look into clip in hair extensions. Either way, it’s good to at least catch up at least a few weeks out to make sure everything’s Fine and Dandy. Gives everyone peace of mind too!


Enjoy the process. It really wouldn’t matter if you couldn’t nail every aspect I’ve written above because ultimately, you’re marrying your Most Favourite Person in the World! But if you’re a keen bean and ultra organised, then I promise these tips will go a long way to making your wedding hair your best hair ever. Good luck and stay tuned for more Wedding Hair posts!

Lauren X


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