Hydration Secrets for the Winter Months!

We hear so frequently from clients at this time of the year, that their scalp & hair has been feeling drier than usual. It is mostly due to the change in seasons, going from Summer into Winter is a shock to our bodies… All those humid days & nights are replaced with frosty mornings and artificial heating, which suck all the good stuff out of our skin & hair.

Oils Masks: Natural oils are a great way to hydrate your locks without loading them up with unnecessary chemicals or proteins. If you haven’t tried it already, you have got to get on the Hello Hair train! They have the best, well priced, beautifully scented oil masks on the market.

But, if you want to try out a little oil treatment before committing to a purchase, go for Olive Oil! It’s super rich and a great place to start, and now that it is available in an aerosol spray its nowhere near as messy to apply (remember, shampoo your hair thoroughly after any oil mask to avoid being Slick Rick!).

Turn Down the Heat: We all love a blow dry & a beach wave, but we don’t need to fry our hair in the process of achieving our fave styles! When you see steam coming off your hair with any hot tool, that is all your moisture in each strand running away! If you style on a lower temp, it will lock the moisture in which will help the style to last longer! Get yourself some tools with heat control then you’re on the right path. Try to avoid putting heat onto your hair daily (if you can stick to heat styling on wash day only, you get a gold star!), embrace braids, twisted hair, top knots, beanies & hats!

Push out your Hair Wash Day: Too much of a good thing can be bad! The shampoo process is vital for clean healthy hair, but doing this too frequently will dry your hair by stripping it of the natural oils it needs to stay hydrated. Try to push your wash day out by just one extra day, to allow those natural oils to soak in and do their thing!

Switch to a Rich Conditioner & top up your hair in between Wash Day: If you feel that your hair is still NQR after all of the above, switch to a heavier, richer, moisture infusing conditioner to give your hair some extra love. Conditioning between wash day can also be an option. Just be sure to concentrate on the mids & ends only to avoid heaviness in the roots! My recommendations are:

• R&Co Atlantis Moisture Conditioner. Try leaving this one in your hair for 10 mins & it will act as a treatment!


• Evo The Therapist Conditioner.


• Mr. Smith Hydrating Conditioner (and the Shampoo if you want to full kit!).


Hopefully some of these tips can help you alter your routine slightly to keep your mane intact during the colder months of the year!

Love Kirby x

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