The Great (Blonde Shampoo) Debate!

Platinum, silver, purple shampoos- call them what you want -these days you can pretty much walk into any old haircare place and they’ll have some sort of blonde shampoo available for you to tone your hair at home… But be warned.. after you’ve spent up to 3-4 hours in the chair and forked over your hard earned cash for the perfect creamy blonde balayage it only takes a few washes with the wrong product to take your hair go from bright perfection to dull and murky looking- often meaning even more work when you land back in the chair 12 weeks later.

And my bet is that random Priceline gal probs doesn’t care about maintaining your perfect violet/iridescent/champagne hue as much as your colourist, and will more than likely sell you the ‘strongest and best’ that they have- even if it’s the wrong product for you. So If you want to know how to keep your hair as bright and sparkly for as long as possible, read on!

1. Moisture is actually key here!! Your hair is like a sponge and (especially after a colour service) it’ll be soaking up as much as it can from anywhere it can in the hope of re-balancing itself. This is the main reason people find themselves reaching for the blonde shampoo – their hair is soaking up chemicals from the water/pool/environment and it’s looking flat and lacklustre. Your best bet here is to hydrate with treatments and leave-in conditioners from the get-go so that  your hair can’t soak up the other stuff. Remember- a wet sponge can’t soak up any more when it’s full of water, got it?!

My favourite leave-ins are:
• Oribe Supershine Light
Supershine light

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• Evo End Doctor
End Doctor
• Oribe Gold Lust Hair Oil
Gold Lust

2. Toning Treatments are what your hair is really asking for, they outdo toning shampoos by a mile! Unlike a shampoo, toning treatments work by hydrating your hair from the inside out, meaning your strands have a smooth surface to be able to reflect the light from. They also have the neutralising tones of a purple/blue to soften any brassy yellow tones, but it’s much harder to overtone with a treatment so you’re less likely to get out of the shower to find you’ve given yourself a purple/grey rinse.

Ones I adore and recommend are :
•Baby Blonde by Christophe Robin (gently lightens your blonde and keeps it bright and creamy at the same time- move over sun-in!! This is a genius product that I recommend to all my blonde clients- 5 stars!!)
•Oribe Bright Blonde Shampoo & Conditioner 
•Platinum Evo Fabuloso – a great price point, but more like a conditioner than a treatment in my opinion.
Toning Conditioners

3. (Bonus points) Clarifying shampoo- a shampoo which will gently cleanse out the build up of dull tones. You’ll only need to use one occasionally, but they can make a massive difference in the way your hair is able to reflect the light. If you were to go ahead and use a toning shampoo on dull hair, it’s actually going to look darker (gasp! Which is totally not what you’re going for) but use it before a toning treatment and you’ll get a great result. You can even leave it in for 5-15 mins under a shower cap and you’ll have a whole new colour afterwards. Note though, clarifying shampoos can be drying with ongoing use, so go for something mild like Christophe Robin which uses chamomile extract to gently lighten and lift out dull tones.

And there you have it. I’m a big believer in colouring in a way that allows my clients to leave their hair for up to 3 months in between visits, but it’s important you know how to maintain the tone at home yourself so that you’re loving it for the whole 3 months and not begging for your next appointment to come around! Otherwise what’s the point right?

Love, Lauren X

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