Giving your Hair some Love from the inside!

Vitamins! They’re everywhere and promise everything…. How confusing! Trying to find the right ones to hone in on your sad hair can be a mission, but be confused no more! I have narrowed it down to the finest few.

It is important to do all the right things internally as well as externally if you want that mermaid mane of your dreams to come true… So listen up, and start downing some of these goodies!

Fish Oil: These bad boys are great from your skin & your hair. As well as making your hair stronger & shinier than a disco ball, fish oil is also known to assist in antiaging (amen to that!). We’ve  never heard of anybody overdosing on Omega3, so don’t be shy, and take twice daily if you can handle it!

Silica: This will not only strengthen your hair, it will also make it grow like wild fire! You can get your source of silica from many foods (get on google for the breakdown!) but if you feel your hair & skin are lacking, try taking twice daily, and you will for sure notice a difference when you start your second bottle. The tablets can be a bit massive & overwhelming for some people, so if liquids are more your thing, you can buy silica in a gel form. Alternatively, a natural & sustainable source of silica is Bamboo Leaf Tea! A few cups a day should have you sorted!

Hair, Skin & Nails: These combos are great if you want and all round dose of some good stuff! They contain some hearty ingredients, including silica, biotin, zinc & a heap of antioxidants. We have seen great results from Health Fusion, Blackmore’s, & Natures Own. Again, once you hit your second bottle, you will be able to see & feel a difference in the quality of your hair!

Vitamin D: This little beauty is new to the growing hair game! Only just recently, Vitamin D has been proven to wake up dormant hair follicles, helps to create fresh new follicles for hair to grow & assists in preventing hair loss! Take this one once daily, be sure to take it just after you have eaten & don’t over indulge… Too much of a good thing like vitamin D can be bad!

I hope this little Pill Popping advice has put some of you in the right direction, as it has helped us over the years to strengthen our fine, sad locks!

Happy Hair Days!

Love, Kirby X

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